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Since 1995 we've developed Simrac Rally Simulators
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Team Simrac Finland Oy is a Finnish family company established in 1995 by identical twins Hannu and Heikki Kosonen. Situated in Tampere, Finland the company specializes in developing and manufacturing of vehicle simulators.

Hannu and Heikki Kosonen have developed simulators since 1995. The first Simrac – simulator prototype was a steel frame with motion platform and controls called ”Heteka” (= old iron bed). In 1996 electronic expert Mika Leppälahti joined the team and the current Team Simrac was formed and the next version, Evo I, of Simrac simulator was built. Evo I, the Simrac Micra, already offered quite a ride and experience. In 1998 it was time for Evo II, the Simrac S40, which was made from a Volvo S40. The Simrac S40 simulator served customers in and outside Finland in different company events and exhibitions from 1998 to early years of 20th century.

Team Simrac faced the new millennium with a Evo III of Simrac simulators, The Simrac Golf. It was based on the 4th gen VW Golf. With the introduction to Team Simrac´s team, computer and modeling expert Eero Pajarre, the biggest change was that the computer games used as a software for the Simrac simulators were now replaced with Simrac´s own software of legendary Ouninpohja special stage created by Mr. Pajarre. The Ouninpohja software with Simrac´s motion platform made the driving experience close to real.

In 2008 it was time for Evo IV of Simrac simulators, The Simrac Focus WRC. It was built from BP Ford Focus WRC -07 which was supplied by the actual WRC team M-Sport. As a result of product development the technic used in the Simrac´s motion platform was completely new and it enabled quicker and more precise movements. In all, The Simrac Focus WRC is the 9th member of the Simrac simulator family.

Since the very first Simrac simulator, ”The Heteka”, we at Team Simrac have attached great importance to making so called active simulators. Everything that the simulator does or doesn't do is due to the interaction of the driver and the scenery. Steering, accelerating, braking and shifting gears are all controlled (or not ;-) ) by the driver.

Team Simrac´s simulators for bus and truck driver education are currently being used in Finland and in Belgium. More information on our educational simulators can be found here.