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Information about our rally simulator and other services
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"You step into a rally car.
Strap yourself to 6-point seat belts.
Your heart starts pounding...
You start the engine... Countdown starts... 3
You shift the gear and rev up the engine... 2
Your heart is racing... 1
... GO!"

Now - it´s up to YOU!

Something different to spice up your basic meeting or an experience to share together with your staff or clients? A crowd puller for exhibition or a promo? A number for Stag parties or a present for friend or a close one?

By clicking the pictures above you'll find examples of our services and prices. If you can't find one that would suite your needs, please contact us and let's plan one together.

Here you can find what our customers have thought about us:

Make an unforgettable experience – bring your guests to the most realistic rally simulator ever!

Just getting into the simulator is an impressive moment. Sounds and vibrations tune up your senses. From the start of the special stage begins a avalanche of adrenaline. Sounds of the engine and the gearbox are mixed with hits to the suspension, flying gravel, scratches and unfortunately quite often with the rumble of crashes.

The Ouninpohja special stage – the roads modeled are actual roads used in real rallies

You can really get into a rallying experience with Simrac rally simulator. The legendary Ouninpohja special stage scenery is projected on a screen opening through the windscreen. All the modeled roads are actual roads used in real rallies as special stages. The models are based on geodata acquired from National Land Survey Office of Finland. Stages can be driven in different weather condition, summer or winter, night or day. There's currently about 200 special stage kilometers to drive and more to come.

Feel the jumps in your belly – it moves!

To make it more realistic Simrac´s motion platform produces the physical movements of the car. The driver can physically feel the jumps and bumps as the car moves as well as the ruts and ditches in the steering wheel. The simulator really moves according to the interaction of the driver and the scenery!

Sweating up – rallying acquires stamina

The experience surprises by it's physicality. Heart is pounding and pulse rises, even people in good physical shape might break a sweat. The rush of adrenaline and high speeds put your concentration and skills to a test. Driving a rally car is not a walk in a park.

Top rally drivers part in development work - efficiency for driving education

Top Finnish rally drivers have had a big part in developing Simrac rally simulator and the level of realism has been a surprise. With Simrac´s simulator one can safely build up driving routine and it's also a good tool in pace note training.

Facilities built around the simulator

Drivers waiting for their turn or the party crew can follow the action from outside the car and through live camera feed from inside the car.

There's also a classroom where you can hold your meetings, trainings, product intros, promos and such. The classroom is also used for the driver info before every Simrac event held in our facilities.

Snacks, coffee, beverages, or warm food can be arranged to supplement your event.

You can find pictures of our simulators and facilities from the Gallery at the top of the page or by clicking here.